Motor Sports

dBPlugz™ offers custom-fit solutions for loud noise exposure associated with all types of motor sports. Our customers include professional AMA motorcross riders, GNCC quad riders, amateur riders, track officials and race fans. From hearing protection to radio communications, dBPlugz™ has a custom-fit solution to protect your auditory health. Using a form-fit seat to seal your ears, dBPlugz™ custom-fit products are extremely comfortable for long duration use and stay in place under your helmet. By delivering your radio feed directly into the ear canal through our custom-fit molds, dBPlugz™ offers crystal clear sound quality using less volume which equates to less stress on your ears. Whether you are seeking radio communications for real-time training on the track or hearing protection against the roar of four strokes in your next moto, dBPlugz™ has a custom-fit solution to meet your needs.

Custom-fit Hearing Protection
Custom-fit Mono & Stereo Stereo Plugz
Custom-fit Studio Series™ Monitors
Custom-fit Bluetooth & Specialty Plugz
Custom-fit Helmet Communication Conversions

Please contact us if you do not see a product you are looking for. We will be happy to make a specific purpose built mold for your application.