dBPlugz™ offers custom-fit solutions for motorcycle enthusiasts both on the street and at the track. From hearing protection for high speed wind and exhaust noise to our Studio Series™ Monitors for passengers to listen their favorite music, dBPlugz™ has a custom-fit solution to protect your auditory health while enhancing your ride. Using a form-fit seat to seal your ears, dBPlugz™ custom-fit products are extremely comfortable for long duration use and stay in place under your helmet. By delivering your audio feed directly into the ear canal through our custom-fit molds, dBPlugz™ offers crystal clear sound quality using less volume which equates to less stress on your ears. Whether you are a professional rider chasing a series championship or simplying riding to enjoy the freedom of the open road, dBPlugz™ has a custom-fit solution to meet your riding needs.

Custom-fit Hearing Protection
Custom-fit Stereo Plugz
Custom-fit Studio Series™ Monitors
Custom-fit Bluetooth & Specialty Plugz
Custom-fit Helmet Communication Conversions

Please contact us if you do not see a product you are looking for. We will be happy to make a specific purpose built mold for your application.