dBPlugz™ offers custom-fit solutions for exercise and fitness applications where generic fit audio feeds fall short. Whether you are training for professional competition or exercising to stay in shape, dBPlugz™ custom-fit products are molded to your ears to comfortably stay in place no matter how vigorous your movements.. By delivering your audio source directly into the ear canal through our custom-fit molds, dBPlugz™ offers crystal clear sound quality regardless of your surrounding environment.  If you have difficulty using earphones or a bluetooth earpiece while exercising, dBPlugz™ has a custom-fit solution to help keep you in your zone.

Custom-fit Stereo Plugz
Custom-fit Studio Series™ Monitors
Custom-fit Bluetooth & Specialty Plugz

Please contact us if you do not see a product you are looking for. We will be happy to make a specific purpose built mold for your application.