dBPlugz™ works with employers of all sizes to mitigate losses resulting from on-the-job loud noise exposure. dBPlugz™ offers the best hearing protection products available for your employees and can demonstrate a significant savings over the use of disposable generic-fit ear plugs. dBPlugz™ custom-fit products offer suprior employee comfort, protection and safety. dBPlugz™ hearing protection is available in several different noise reduction and shore ratings to best match the requirements of your specific application. Using dBPlugz™ custom-fit products significantly reduces litter and solid waste produced by disposable ear plugs. Whether you are seeking hearing protection or looking to safely facilitate employee communication with radio feeds in loud environments, dBPlugz™ offers a custom-fit solution to protect your employees’ auditory health.

Custom-fit Hearing Protection
• Optional Hearing Protection Industrial Noise Filters
Custom-fit 2-Way Radio Feeds
Custom-fit Bluetooth & Specialty Plugz
Employer Fit Validation Testing
Employer Educational Services

Please contact us to learn how dBPlugz™ can improve your employees’ auditory health and safety while saving money to improve your company’s overall bottom line.