Silicone Plugz

dBPlugz™ custom-fit Silicone Plugz are molded to your ears from a medical grade silicone engineered to dampen intense sound vibrations while still permitting conversation. Available noise reduction ratings (NRR) on full shell Silicone Plugz range  between 23-30dB NRR. Using a form-fit seat to seal your ears, dBPlugz™ custom-fit Silicone Plugz are extremely comfortable for long duration use and stay in place under a helmet. All of our Silicone Plugz are coated with a silicone lacquer which seals the plugz against cerumen and skin oil. Simply wash with a mild soap/water solution and your Plugz will last for many years. Available in a wide variety of colors, we will custom-fit your dBPlugz™ for your needs.

Custom-fit Silicone Plugz:

Hearing Protection Plugz
Fills Canal & Bowl Of Ear
23-30dB NRR
 Optional Lanyard & Laser Name Engraving*
 Optional Venting & Noise Filters* (Please See: Industrial, Shooting and Musician)
Floatable Swim Plugz
Fills Canal & Bowl Of Ear
Seals Ear Canal Against Water
• For Bathing/Showereing, Swimming & Watersports
 Optional Laser Name Engraving*
Canal/Snore Plugz
Fills Canal w/Small Tail In Bowl Of Ear
Helps Reduce Loud Snoring 
Comfortable For Sleeping
 Optional Laser Name Engraving*

Please contact us for more information or to be connected with a local provider for your personal fitting.

* Additional Charges Apply