Silicone Audio Plugz

dBPlugz™ custom-fit Silicone Audio Plugz are molded to your ears from a medical grade silicone with a balanced armature driver embedded inside to deliver crystal clear audio directly into your ear canal. Using a form-fit seat to seal your ears, dBPlugz™ custom-fit Silicone Audio Plugz are extremely comfortable for long duration use and stay in place under a helmet. Through a combination of dampening loud environmental noise and using highly efficient audio drivers, our Silicone Audio Plugz use less volume which equates to less strain on your ears. All of our Silicone Audio Plugz are coated with a silicone lacquer which seals them against cerumen and skin oil. Simply wash with a mild soap/water solution and your Plugz will last for many years. Available in a wide variety of colors, we will custom-fit your dBPlugz™ for your needs.

Silicone Audio Plugz:

 Mono Race Plugz
Single Balanced Armature Driver
Binaural Mono Feed
18″ or 36″ V-Cord w/3.5mm mono connector
For Racing Radio Systems, Raceivers & Radio Scanners
Stereo Plugz
Single Balanced Armature Driver – Wide Dynamic Range
57″ Stereo Y-Cord w/3.5mm Stereo Connector
For iPods, iPhones, iPads, mp3 Players & More
Optional Wire w/Microphone & Audio Control For iPhones & Androids
2-Way Radio Plugz
Single Balanced Armature Driver
Single Ear Feed w/Microphone & Push-To-Talk
• Radio Specific w/Single, Dual & Triple Wire Setups

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* Additional Charges Apply